Persuasive Syrian Refugees Essay

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Good day to all! My name is Steffi Yapson. And today, I will be talking about why the European countries should accept refugees to enter their borders. The Syrian Refugee Crisis has been one of the most controversial issues in our world today, especially in the Western World. Numerous sides have sprung up, with most countries in Eastern Europe refusing Syrian refugees on the basis of security policies, while some countries in Western Europe such as Germany expressed support for refugees seeking refuge from the terror and chaos in Syria. To many, the refugee crisis has no clear end for the war in Syria itself its getting more complicated. Syrian refugees come to Europe with a lot of reasons, to have a better life, better security and to escape the fear and terror in war zones. One cannot…show more content…
In Hungary and in most Eastern European countries, the population would remain stagnant in the next few years and would drop significantly in the decades to come. This means that more young people are expected to support the seniors. Most Syrian refugees are part of the middle class as they are skilled. Most of which are teachers, architects, nurses and doctors. It is impossible for an unskilled peasant class worker to afford a $1500 rate to go to Europe by boat. These middle class people have the potential create schools, businesses and can serve the private local institutions of the country that engages in trade with the Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia as Syrian refugees have the ability to communicate in Arabic. With this, the excuse of "high EU unemployment" in not allowing refugees is simply a coverup by prejudice as these refugees has the will to create a new life in Europe and they have the will to create jobs from themselves but for

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