Body Paragraph About Talking Back Analysis

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Introductory Imagine going to court with your father. A man you have not seen in four years. That is a personal problem I had to deal with. I had to try my hardest and show that I am better than before. No matter who it was or what it was I had to do my best and show my ability to overcome. I agree that “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” because it teaches to control talking back, to gain patience, and time management problems.
Body Paragraph #1 First, talking back can be a problem to countless of people. Talking back can be a problem, but to do your best you have to learn to close your mouth. When you talk back towards someone on most occasions it never ends well, for instance if you are talking to your boss and you don’t get your way, then you yell at them you’ll mostly get fired. Have you ever got so irritated at someone you want to yell at them? It almost rarely end well. When I was trying to explain a subject to my mother, she kept interrupting me. She would not let me talk to explain what it really was, when I got to my finally straw, I decided to yell. Then I got grounded for two weeks because I had yelled at her. I have learned not to yell when I get irritated at someone or something. Talking back maybe a huge problem, but the impatience of
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In honesty it is very important to try at any problem you come across because you just might achieve something. It’s important to stop talking back so you will not get in trouble with anyone, to control your patience with anything, and finally kept track of everything you are doing with time management. If you don’t then later in life everything will get the best of you and then you won’t want to try anymore. I encourage you to take action and try your best at anything that comes at you. When you do you will realize that it was for the best no matter if you failed or you
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