The Pros And Cons Of Tanning Bed

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Why Tanning Beds Are Bad For You Everyone loves a good tan all throughout the year, of course. Most people use tanning beds to keep a tan all through the year, but not everyone knows the dangers of indoor tanning. In TV shows, such as Jersey Shore, have nicely tanned girls and in the show, they go to tanning salons. Although tanning beds can help you get a healthier complexion, they can put you at risk of cancer, sunburn, and adversely affects the immune system. However, people who use tanning beds don’t have many complications. Frequent tanning bed users regulate how much they tan to reduce the risks of complications. People only tan two to three months out of the year limiting their risk to skin cancer and other complications. Tanning beds actually do give off a healthier complexion and a nice, even tan. Indoor tanning has been proven to cause skin cancer. Usings tanning beds increases your risk to skin cancer by 75%. After just one blistering sunburn, a person risks to melanoma increases (“Pros Cons of Tanning Beds”). Using tanning beds at younger ages increases risk to skin cancer (Brokloff 273). Indoor tanning beds emit ultraviolet radiation causing an increased risk of skin cancer (Stapleton 1). Some physicians say that indoor tanning is “carcinogenic”. Tanning beds are at greater risk for skin cancer, whether they burn or tan. There is 75% risk of melanoma when you use tanning beds. (“Why Tanning Beds Are Bad for Your Skin”). Skin cancer is the most commonly
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