The Pros And Cons Of Teamwork

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Teamwork, for as long as I can remember in school all ages have been doing some sort of teamwork. Teamwork in a workforce and teamwork in a school project is completely different. As for me I view team project in a not so lightly matter. There are many reasons that this is my choice I will state a few that have happened to me just a few semesters ago. In my communications class, it was based on this huge group project that we had to turn in at the end of the year. There were four people in the group and I was the only girl out of them all. I was the one that also tried to hold all the meeting for our project. This is one of the most important reasons that I do not like team projects. As for I am a controlling and a very organized person, team projects are just not a good thing for me. Now as I have previously stated above about the organization of team projects there are other challenges that you could face while working in a team. Other than the one stated I will talk about three different challenges that I have faced when working in teams. The number one problem that I have dealt with would have to be poor communication. The reasoning behind that is there are also one or two people that are on the “team” that won 't participates until it comes time to turn in the project. With the last project that I worked on with a team, there was a lack of trust between all of the members. As for that is why that is one of my main points for the different challenges. This affected me
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