Informative Essay On Technology And Humanity

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Technology and Humanity

It is amusing how people are quick to respond to the yes or no question of “do you like technology? “ but the foremost question is when one hears a term technology, what picture does the term paints in his or her mind and what attitude does it leaves you with. Many people tend to laugh and say “who does not love technology” and others say “no technology, it reduces human labour and therefore diminishes employment and our people need employment”. Who should we follow then, should we embrace technology or should we decline it? The term is very sensitive. This essay is going to research on the adjacent of the term and it affects on humanity, argument for and against technology as well as public recommendation on technology and humanity.

The most noticed area when it comes to the advantages of technology is education, to start with a home example, let us look to the Polytechnic E-learning system, students can do their work anywhere, with or without a tutor and therefore reduces cost of travelling to search for schools or run to classes. What they do rather is to log on to their e-learning portal and interact with their tutors and fellow students while they are home or at work
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Technology also has its bad side that cannot be ignored regardless of all its enhancements. I not everyone would want to be welcomed by a robot or a talking computer the moment you enter a work area, not everyone will be comfortable with that and on the other hand, the robot or the talking computer took a person’s career, reducing employment. Different people have different mind sets and technology is very expensive. If factories abolish the manufacturing of our normal fringes, microwave, washing machines, TV, stoves and many other just to manufacture the so called smart items, not everyone would want to spent 10 000 dollars just on a microwave consequently effect the market

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