The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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The technological era has impacted the world drastically, technology has involved in the daily life routine. The main point of technology is to benefit the world and make the work easier for the human being. Nevertheless, technology has been a problem nowadays; as any other new issue on the world, this new topic comes out with pros and cons that need to be fixed or deal with them. Living in the technological era can be difficult, since technology advances quicker than people adapts to it. It is easier for technology to advances than to people to understand how to manage the new process of technology. Security is something that is involve in technology, as Jodi Rell states “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security” Safety and security are immensely important dealing with this technological era. The National Security must learn how to manage the information and be safety with the use of technology. Security is not a game and without security the government or an individual can be harm with a wrong use of technology. National security is the most important topic that need to be discussed. The National with respect with the government has information that can be hacked and can damage the country in a few second. Security should be the most principle item that the national people are aware of, since they have in their hands a country. The United States government should teach their citizens how to take care of their information, as the article Basic
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