The Pros And Cons Of Technology In Education

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Technology Taking Over the World, Is It Good or Bad – Educational Perspective

In this modern life, technology is playing a great part of people daily lives, so it is important for human to learn on how to use it at an early age. The numbers of people know how to use computers are increasing and undisputable that every home has at least one computer. Nowadays, technology plays an important role in education where it helps to improve student achievement and also improve the ways of teaching. Consequently, the government and educators are moving towards emphasizing the use of technology in education.

Technology has been one of essential tools in school all over the world in teaching and learning. Due to the fast arrival of new technology worldwide, it is more applicable to students. It has cause a great impact positively towards student learning. Technology contribute a significant learning experiences towards student in get more information and motivate them in connecting with other students causing them to learn from each other. Technology has become a fundamental part of our live, people are using it every day in communication such as texting, social networking and getting information from web surfing. These types of technologies are seen by students as convenient and remarkably entertaining. There for classroom can be converting into an interactive learning ambience that encourage the development of higher thinking skills (Kurt, 2010). The best tools as for teaching
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