The Pros And Cons Of Technology In The Digital World

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"Digital is all about the benefits and the best user experience it brings. Many things have become easy with the use of mobile phones and the Internet, I can order taxi from my mobile or send my money to anyone in the world with the help of mobile applications. I can connect with my friends and family from all over the world. Technological advances show people a more efficient way of doing things. Students can easily obtain newspapers, scientific articles, studies, and any other type of content online. They can write better because they can support their arguments with more evidence. Digital World has increased awareness too. Today you are aware of what is happening around the world. Technology has encouraged self-learning. If you cannot afford to go for a cooking class, you can look for the recipe online and cook up a delightful meal. If you want to learn how to edit a video, you can learn by takeing online classes. Digital World is also a bane. The more technologically advanced society is, the more people begin to depend on computers and other forms of technology. Many people spend hours or a day texting on smartphones, typing on laptops or playing games on tablets etc. Staring at…show more content…
The fact is, it is important for teenagers to learn and understand technology and the way of living in Digital World. It's become a part of daily life for all people to use a computer or a cell phone. It is necessary in most situations, especially for when they are older and have jobs. However, technology use must not be excessive. Extreme technological use in teenagers can cause all sorts of problems; socially and physically. It is important for teenagers to understand that yes, technology is an amazing thing; but at the same time, it should not be used all of the time. They should not be overly dependent on it. Teenagers need to learn that sometimes, technology is not the right answer for a

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