The Pros And Cons Of Teen Adoption

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On average there are about 1.1 million teenage unplanned pregnancy. Only 2 percent of those teenagers give their baby up for adoption. Fifty- eight percent of those teens are single mothers who struggle to raise their child, go to school and try to get a job. The rest of those teenagers abort the baby. This bill was created to stop mothers from raising a child on their own and not being able give a proper life for the child. If mother has previously decided to give the baby up for adoption and does not see their newborn after they give birth it is less likely for them to want to keep the child. After giving birth joy is one of the many emotions women have. This feeling can be exaggerated and once she sees the child she will be extremely overjoyed. The mother will make a inane decision and decide to keep the child without thinking about the reality of the situation. If the woman does not have the support of her family, no proper education and a minimum wage job it will be hard to raise the baby. Judy Ditton has a blog on Cafe Mom she explains why she choose adoption for her child and the result of it. She was just 17 when she gave birth to her son and she already decided to give the baby up for adoption. After the baby was cleaned the nurse brought him in the room so Judy could breastfeed him. Judy said, “ You have three seconds to remove this child, or I will not be releasing him.” (Judy Ditton, 2014). She knew that adoption was the optimum option and that was the best love
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