The Pros And Cons Of Teen Marriage

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Marriage is defined as "the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a relationship."
1. Marriage is one of the most important commitments to be made in life.
2. Generally, individuals were allowed to go into a marriage contract at an extraordinarily energetic age.
(a) According to World Almanac and Book of Facts starting in the late 1800s: wide variation has historically existed regarding the minimum age individuals are legally allowed to marry.
3. But for now it is not important any longer in the advancement of the human considering.
4. According to Dahl G. NBER Working Paper No. 11328. National Bureau of Economic Research; Cambridge, MA: 2005, early teen marriage and future poverty: Many factors contribute to teen marriage such
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there are many reasons why couples ought to wed within the near future 3.1 It’s healthier for the mother to carry younger. 3.1.1 Beyond increased fertility, a younger mother has lower chances of certain pregnancy risks. 3.1.2 Not to mention the slough of risks that appear after age 35. 3.1.3 It is healthier for the child, too 3.1.4 I could browse journals across the web to find all infant-related health risks that coincide with older mothers. But I don’t want to give anyone (or myself) nightmares.
(a) Looking at Bachrach CA. National Vital Statistics Reports ;March of Dimes data on the risk of Down syndrome and mother’s age:At age 25, the risk of having a baby with Down syndrome is 1 in 1,250.At age 30, the risk is 1 in 1,000. At age 35, the risk is 1 in 400.At age 40, the risk is 1 in 100. At age 45, the risk is 1 in 30.
3.2 Gain more maturation 3.2.1 Maturity for some people is not about age, but with age comes experience and experience teaches you how to handle life. 3.2.2.Your expectations are more realistic-you don't believe marriage is about taking selfies, seksing and living happily ever after. 3.2.3Marriage is not for

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