The Pros And Cons Of Teen Pregnancy

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My mom at the age of 18 found out she was pregnant with me, and had me at 19. She didn 't get to go to college and pursue her dreams to become a teacher because she had to take care of a baby as a single teen parent. Say that you are 16 and have a kid you wouldn 't have time to hang out with your friends and do teenager type stuff, because you would be home taking care of a baby. Teen pregnancy is the pregnancy of a female woman that is under the age of 20 and has had her period. Teen pregnancy affects both of the teen parents families. Because, of the lack of supervision and the easy access to condoms and birth control I say we teach kids the different aspects to help prevent teen pregnancy. What teen pregnancy does to the welfare of the child as far as getting government assistance and some options the teen parents have that can affect their lives. Teen pregnancy is pregnancy in human females under the age of 20. The people that teen pregnancy can effect is the people that are expecting the baby and their lives. It also can affect the families of the expecting couple or the girl the main parts of their lives that can be affected. Is their learning and education at school and being able to finish school and do something with their life. The effects of being pregnant at that age is scary but there are many ways you can prevent pregnancy at that age and also ways you can handle it if you are pregnant. Ward-White pg.2 Different aspects to help prevent teen pregnancy. Does
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