The Pros And Cons Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancy refers to women who have not reached legal adulthood become pregnant. The term in everyday speech usually refers to girls who have not reached legal adulthood, which varies across the world, who become pregnant. In Malaysia, over eighteen thousand teen births were recorded, with seventy-five percent involving married teenagers and the rest, out-of-wedlock and this has reach a worrying level. This translates into an average of twelve teen pregnancies a day. Other than that, teenage pregnancy depends on a number of societal and personal factors. It brings about high risk of poverty, illiteracy or lower educational levels and ones it happens, such girl will ever have a mark that hinders her progress in future. These are becoming a disturbing trend in the country and horrifying the parents of the teenagers. However, government should have involved more in teenage pregnancies and baby dumping, and I strongly agreed with it. Babies have life and for the past few years, they are many cases of abortion and baby dumping. This proves that government should be more into and getting involved with this issue. There are several ways I think that government could do to decrease…show more content…
It would be very dangerous and it could increase the rate of the young girls being pregnant after having sex without safety. In my point of view, having condoms machines would be a good idea but built it in a place where children could rarely notice. It is not something embarrassing about buying condoms in public as you can buy it in convenient shops and shopping malls. In addition, putting up commercial about condoms or having sex with safety on media would raise awareness of publics which includes young adults. Those commercial can be interpreted in a different or special way that children below twelve years old would not understand so it would not be banned from

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