The Pros And Cons Of Terrorism

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Terrorist groups are generally associated with qualities such as being extremely volatile, inhuman or even heedless. However it isn’t very often considered that in addition to these infamies, terrorism, like other forms of organized crimes, is decisive, calculated and meticulously premeditated. The real strength of these organizations last in the interdependency that they create between the region that they operate in and themselves. The reason why these outfits spreading violence are so difficult to combat is the economic interdependency in particular. They become ingrained in the regions they function in and moreover gain profits for the acts of terrorism in the region. The profits that are gained are through tactical victimization of populations and local establishments. Apparently, there is a lot of power in the dirty money that is accumulated by these groups through the crimes that they have committed. These huge profits that they make have largely supported the sustenance of the reign of terror that these violent contingents have executed for years now. In several ways terrorism is in fact a business and a very successful one. The crimes they commit – assassinations, extortions, kidnappings, human trafficking, arms trafficking, drug trading to name a few, bring in a considerable amount of money. The more infamous names that we have come across in the recent years have maintained their impact by being very well funded. Millions are given to these terrorist

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