Benefits Of Testimonials

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Testimonials If you get testimonials you can watch your business grow at a great rate. It doesn't matter how good you are at sales and marketing, or how well you communicate the features and benefits of your services or products to the customer, getting positive testimonials solidifies the quality of your work and product. Positive feedback from your previous and existing customers is vital to the authenticity and seriousness of which your work will be received in the future. There's also another bonus of a testimonial...It's free! Below are a few recommendations that will help in maximizing your testimonials; Let's assume Jo the consultant is wanting to use testimonials, "Jo is an excellent consultant. We highly recommend him", is not…show more content…
He is able to see solutions to problems with clear vision and simplicity, making my life much easier. Some advice he gave me last month saved me 5600k. Jo started out as my business consultant but and has now become my trusted adviser. If you need someone to turn your business around then I highly recommend him". An incredibly large number of business's are constantly struggling to provide on their promises of delivery. Being able to follow through until the end result and deliver on your word is one of the biggest obstacles most business's face. Getting good testimonial can solve this problem - because they prove that you are able to deliver on your promise. Uncertainty is one of the business obstacles we can all do without so let the testimonials show to everyone that your business is credible and reliable, and actually works. Don't be shy about telling the…show more content…
Another very powerful way to use testimonials is to use them as 'objection blockers' when you are dealing with potential clients or customers who have raised an issue. If you have some of your best testimonials printed on card and laminated these are very effective in turning potential customers into actual customers - by proving that their objections i.e. price can be justified, if you have 6 testimonials from existing clients or customers that state they believe you offer incredible value then prospectus clients are more likely to join. When starting out in a new business it is crucial that you add the process of getting testimonials as an integral part of your marketing strategy from the start, and because this is such a powerful tool it would be beneficial to even offer a price reduction if your customers will write you an impressive testimonial. The whole point of testimonials is really to increase your credibility so that we can increase our conversion ratio, being as creative as you can with this and really focusing on getting consistent authentic testimonials can and will increase your success rate by at least 30% - it is almost non-justifiable for not getting testimonials, and please remember where you read
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