Advantages Of Testosterone

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What is testosterone?
In the simplest terms possible, Testosterone is a critical hormone found in all mammals. Although this hormone is present in both genders, it is the principle sex hormone of the male gender.

So, what exactly is a hormone?
According to the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH), hormones are powerful chemicals that help our bodies to function optimally. The word “hormone” is a derivation of “hormo”, a Greek word which means “to set in motion”. Hormones, therefore, stimulate and regulate every function of our tissues and organs. In short, hormones, such as testosterone, control most biological processes, including metabolism, immune function, and sexual reproduction.

Where is the hormone testosterone produced and how does it affect men?
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Yes, men who have higher levels of testosterone may experience both benefits and disadvantages.

Some of the advantages may include the following:
• Normalizing blood pressure
• Lowering the likelihood of heart attacks and obesity

Disadvantages or drawbacks
According to some studies, men who have higher testosterone levels are more likely to engage in the following:
• Smoking
• Taking more alcohol
• Engaging in rough activities that can cause injuries including rough sports, carefree sex, and criminal activities

However, the most common “out-of-balance” cases of testosterone levels are on the lower side of normal or average. In some case, this decrease may be noticeable especially in men aged 60 and above, but in other cases, especially in men below 60, there are no symptoms declining testosterone levels.

Yes, as you may have guessed, low testosterone levels affect the general well-being of a man seeing that testosterone is a hormone just like any other hormone. As we have already seen, hormones control most biological processes in our bodies.

To begin with, men with low levels of testosterone usually have trouble

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