The Pros And Cons Of Texas Open Carry Law

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The open and concealed carry laws are really strong topics in the united states right now. Texas just gave their conceal carry carriers the right to open carry their weapon on their hip or in a shoulder holster. With that being said, all of the gun activist in Texas are rallying the open carry, not only are they setting the rallies but pro gun activist are rallying against them. The National Rifle acc. (NRA) have set out to rally for the open carry law, but they also know why people would be scared about the open carry. The NRA knows that sometimes people use the open carry right to draw attention to them. They want the anti gun activist to know that not everyone though. Most people just need to see the good side of this open carry law and…show more content…
The thing that people don 't understand is that, yes gun owners want to take advantage of this open carry law, but most people that have their license will still conceal their weapons as they don 't want the attention. Most say that when the heat, calms down on all the law changing that they might be more comfortable with open carrying so it’s more of a usual thing to be around. Now gun carriers know all the risk of having their guns visible. Most of the instructors that teach the classes tell them that showing your gun can possibly make you the first target in a situation. Having an open carry they know that it could backfire on them. Being that someone could overpower you and take your weapon and that’s why most gun carriers still want to keep their guns hidden so that the surprise is taken to your advantage not theirs. Beings said three percent of Texas population has gotten their license and that’s still rising for them and all over the country. These are just some of the big gun topics that the country is talking about that really need to be cleared up with the public for a better understanding of how the gun law works and all of the rules that gun enthusiast have to go through and learn most people don’t realize that they go through intense training for this right and we are not uneducated about this
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