The Pros And Cons Of Texting And Driving

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Do dealers of cars & dealers of phones want to kill us or help us? I think that they should make phones turn off when you get in a car, the car should be programed to tell the phone companies that someone is driving. Everyone talks about how they wanna stop texting and driving and the only thing they have done was have police officers give them a ticket or warning. Yeah that might scare some people but in the end if there's no cop around then they will just pull their phone out again. “ Do you wanna have your last text be hi or something no one's ready to send their last text out…”.I think that people should stop texting and driving because there’s been so many injuries and deaths”(Apecsadmin). Many people text and drive if its illegal or legal they still do it thinking that they won’t get in trouble and they won’t die. That’s not the case anymore, many people think all those things and yet they still do it. More and more these days you see people walking and texting, everyone’s always on their phone. If you stop texting and driving that another life you could save, even if you don’t text and drive and see someone else texting and driving maybe you can honk at them or flash your lights so you can get their attention. Many people that text and drive are going to argue because they think it’s…show more content…
You might always text and drive and you have never gotten a ticket. You might also text and drive and have never came close to dying. But there’s a first for everything you might think that one day you're fine because you do it all the time. That might be the day your life changes forever or you're life ends forever. In the end there’s really nothing good about texting and driving it’s bad all around. No one should be aloud to text and drive. “In a blink of an eye you're world can turn upside down,”(Apecsadmin). If you are texting and driving you're family might have to say this was “Her last text”... you know how hard that will be for your
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