The Pros And Cons Of The Abrahamic Covenant

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God’s Word Bestowed Blessings
God has shown mercy to his people over and over again. The Pentateuch, the first five books of the bible, also known as the Torah or the Talmud; has been a historical depiction of God’s clemency and retributions, (Arnold & Beyer, 2015). As early as the Noahic Covenant, God displayed his desire to collaborate with his people for the benefit of the world. The Abrahamic Covenant revealed God’s mighty power by establishing a lineage as vast as the stars above; as well as, land riches far exceeding the Israelite’s enslaved beginnings. The conditionality stemming from The Ten Commandments differentiates the Mosaic Covenant. Chronicles 17 relays that the Davidic Covenant is a forever relationship with God for David and
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The Noahic Covenant reestablished a relationship between God and humanity. It established guidelines for the human condition of the times. It recognized a human capacity toward evil, violence and corruption, (Clark, 2009). The Abrahamic Covenant is one of the most important and determinative scriptures of the Bible. It establishes the key to the Old Testament and gives references for its fulfilment through the New Covenant, (Gromacki, 2014). The Mosaic Covenant made it possible for humanity to be proactive in their salvation by following the rules established in the Ten Commandments. The Davidic Covenant stands alone in that it does not require human action for its fulfilment. It reiterates the Abrahamic promises of salvation to visit humanity through a living body. Finally, the New Covenant establishes supremacy over all previous agreements. Through the existence of God’s son, we are reborn to a personal commitment to the Father. As humanity grew, so has the personal commitment to the father. “The Spirit as the minister of the grace of God in new relationship, as opposed to a sacramentally infused substance,” (Saucy, M. 2014, p. 58). The forefathers have brought the covenants to humanity as God’s highest desire to preside in love with human kind; therefor, as God’s children there is an obligation to grow in understanding and abide by these
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