The Pros And Cons Of The American And Haitian Revolutions

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As human beings we often feel as if we are entitled to change if there are things we do not like about a situation. When looking at the Atlantic revolutions, it is clear that each one started in the hopes to bring change to a country. That doesn’t necessarily always make them successful but there are some revolutions where change brings good. With that being said some good may still bring bad, in this essay we are going to take a look at the American and Haitian revolution and address how they both established a successful fortunate ruling of what was rightfully theirs and were able to gain control of their own power bringing them into a state that brought immediate superiority all while negatively affected their countries too. Through warfare and tactics, we will see the pros and cons that both revolutions won them for their countries. In 1791 the Haitian Revolution begins to take place, before this they had spent the last almost 300 years under Spanish and French rule. Located in the Caribbean Sea it was the first independent nation in the Caribbean, the second democracy in the western hemisphere, and the first black republic in the world. As we look at the pros we see Haiti was the first revolution that was successfully done by slaves. In that day and age, it would’ve been very risky and dangerous to attempt such an ordeal when you had no control over your life, liberty and freedom. You were not seen as equal and had no say in government so to try and start a revolution
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