The Pros And Cons Of The American Education System

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How can undocumented Hispanic students prove that the American Education System is unfair? Hispanic parents come to the united states to provide their children a better life in a country known as the land of opportunity. About 65,000 Undocumented students graduate from high school each year, The educational condition of hispanics has been characterized by below grade-level enrollment, high attrition rates (over 50 percent) in many schools districts, high rates of illiteracy, low numbers of school years completed, and consequently, great underrepresentation in higher education according to Arias M, Beatriz from the American journal of education. “ultimately, the high dropout rate that has been the bane of hispanics education may prove to be the results of excessively inferior educational experiences endured by the youngster as they progress through the educational system.” ( Minicucci, Acosta, relapp, hernandez, and margolis.) “Grade retention among Latinos is linked to high school dropout rates, about 11% of Hispanic youth who had dropped out of high school had been retained in a grade at some point in their school career, compared to 4.3% of Hispanic youth who completed”. (Adriana D. Kohler and Melissa Lazarín.)…show more content…
undocumented immigrants finding themselves caught in the wake of political and national debates and controversies related to homeland security and U.S. border policy. The government should start discussing this topic to be able to help out those who are undocumented who are wanting to take advantage of their education and furthering it, but dont have the federal help to accomplish their goals to become successful in life. undocumented students cannot get federal help because they weren 't born in the united states. some are eligible to receive in-state

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