The Pros And Cons Of The American Dream

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The most common and typical American Dream is the dream of being super successful and wealthy. It’s been a common belief for many years that when you come to America you can get rich very easily and do anything you want. Even though most people have a lot better opportunities in America then their home countries, getting rich and famous is still pretty challenging for most people. Their are a few people that actually became rich and famous from coming to America, but its very few compared to those who don’t become rich and famous. Most people who come to the U.S. do not become rich but they do become more wealthy then they were in their home countries because of how poor some of the other countries are compared to America. Money is very important to almost everyone so when they hear about the American dream of coming to America and getting rich they will come and take their chances and come. Overall, the promise of earning money and becoming famous is some peoples version of the American dream. A lot of parents come to America to help their children or future children get better educations and opportunities. Many parents sacrifice their family and everything they know to come to America to start a family and make sure their children have a better life then they had and had the things their parents couldn 't get in their home country. The U.S. has a very good education system and it can help people become anything they want to be in life, which is why immigrants want their

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