The Pros And Cons Of The Atomic Bombs

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Over half a century has passed since the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the debate over the decision to drop it is still alive and well. While there are valid points for both sides, the evidence and reason shown leans in favor of the side protesting the dropping of the bombs. The atomic bombs have caused so many problems since they have been dropped - problems that could have easily been prevented. If Truman just stopped to assess the situation with a clearer perspective, he would easily be able to see that the dropping of such a bomb would leave lasting psychological and physical negative effects, that Japan was already in a fragile state and would have surrendered soon anyways, and that if he were to go through with the atomic bombs he should have at least warned Japan. Due to the actions of the American government, the Japanese constantly lived with a thirst for vengeance. That kind of malevolence takes a toll on a person, and can be seriously detrimental to one’s mental health. Instead of being able to live peacefully in the world, the Japanese need only think of Hiroshima and…show more content…
Although an ultimatum was indeed given to Japan at Potsdam, they were not informed of the weapon of mass destruction the United States possessed. It will never be known for sure, but the knowledge that America had an atomic bomb might have caused the Japanese to surrender once and for all. Even if they did not surrender, the Japanese authorities would have at least had a chance to evacuate their citizens from the cities that were the intended targets. Instead, Truman kept the atomic bomb a secret, so that he could try it out. Also, the bomb could have been dropped in a much less populated city, in an effort to save lives. The Japanese would have been able to see the might of the United States army either
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