The Pros And Cons Of The Aztec Empire

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Defeat struck the Aztec Empire in 1521 when Hernan Cortes and his army invaded and conquered Tenochtitlan, bringing the end of the great civilization. Could the Aztecs have done something before, something that could have changed the way the Empire had come to an end? Geography helped in a major way, surrounding the Aztecs with protection from Mt.Popocatepetl and Mt.Iztaccihuatl . The weapons and war strategies that the Aztecs used were very well planned and could have defeated the Spanish. Even so, Montezuma, the emperor of the Aztecs, had to ruin the victory. As he had many options to choose from but he ended up choosing the wrong one many times. To sum up, could the Aztecs have won against the Spaniards?

The Aztecs were peoples who
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One Aztec weapon was the War Club, which involved both hands to swing. It was a very hard weapon to move fast and free with. The weapon planned well by the inventors, not accounting weight and how free the individual could move with the weapon. This would have been a huge disadvantage on the battleground as the Aztecs would not have been able to strike the Spanish fast, as the Spanish had horses to ride on, which gave them the advantage of moving fast. Even though the weapon was not easy to carry around, it was a strong killing machine. The war club was lined with hard and jagged pieces of Obsidian, the sharpest rock in the world. It could cut through Spanish armor with ease and kill the soldier within seconds. It was a huge advantage for the Aztecs, as they could kill any person who came in their way with this one weapon. The Spaniards, on the other hand, had planned their weapons carefully to make sure that they had the perfect weapon. Swords are lightweight and easy to use on the battlefield. Held in one hand, Spaniards had a free hand to hold a shield or some other form of protection. Swords were also held while on a horse. As the Spanish ran around on the animal, they were able to slash the Aztecs fast and with ease. Even though swords were fast, they were not as strong as the war club. The swords were made of metal, which against the war club, would have been like paper next to a pair of scissors. This is a huge disadvantage because the swords could break and shatter into pieces if hit with a war club just as paper could be cut into small scraps with the pair of
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