The Pros And Cons Of The Chocolate War

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What if I told you that you couldn’t read your favorite book just because it was considered “inappropriate”? I believe that The Chocolate War should not be banned anywhere and all middle schoolers should be free to read it. I think so because middle schoolers are old enough to read it, it was written to be read by others so it shouldn’t be kept from people, and kids can learn valuable life lessons from it. First of all, middle schoolers are definitely old enough to read The Chocolate War because it is meant for that age, they know not to repeat any of the language, and they can handle all the mature content. Some may say that the language in the book will influence kids to say bad words or make them think it is okay for middle schoolers to use swears in their everyday vocabulary. But, like I said before, they are old enough to know not to repeat any bad things that they read in the book. And, most middle schoolers already swear all the time anyway. According to, “Everybody encounters profanity; it is a language intensifier and can be useful in conveying the weight and reality of your character 's situation.” It is basically saying that the use of swear words in a book helps develop how the character is and is just the author’s way of telling the reader what that particular character is like. Secondly, all books are written to be read by others, so no book should be kept from anyone. Robert Cormier, the author of The Chocolate War, would definitely
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