The Pros And Cons Of The Cinderella Syndrome

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Are you suffering from the Cinderella syndrome? By that I mean sitting around waiting for someone to come along and wave a magic wand and make everything in your world perfect! While it worked for Cinderella, I am sorry to say that the rest of us do not have the privileges that she had. She was the exception to the rule.The rest of us can sit forever waiting for someone to hand us that golden opportunity to make millions, to hand us fame, health or wealth. But the cold hard fact to life is that no-one on this earth can rely on someone else to give us what we want. Happiness and success is an inside job, only you can make you happy. Only you can decide you will do what is necessary for good health. Others can certainly help us on our journey, but first we must decide what we want, we must decide to do what it takes to get there. While this may sound a bit harsh, the truth of it has been proven time and time again throughout the ages. Some people are given the toughest of circumstances to deal with, they are given the worst of breaks. Rather than fold and crumble, they have endured and risen to great heights in their life. Others catch a cold and its the end of the world! No matter what happens, it 's always a drama and they spend all their time telling the world about it and not making the…show more content…
A friend might laugh at you when you say you want to become an actor, they may tell you how you would suck at it, that it 's a risky business, you are not tall enough, short enough, skinny enough, or they may say you don 't have the drop dead gorgeous looks. But are they right? Do you just take their word, their perception of things as gospel? Do you give up on your dream? No! If you want to become an actor you need to keep your faith, but not only that, you need to do what it takes to become your dream. Take those acting lessons, speech lessons or improve your body or appearance. Learn how to walk, talk, act and look like an actor or actress and that is what you will
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