The Pros And Cons Of The Declaration Of Independence

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Throughout American history, we have come across many obstacles to gain rights. It started off with the Founding Fathers establishing the Declaration of Independence but they had to overcome the issues between liberty and slaveholding. Then we had some controversial leaders, people that used political power to manipulate the public, and then the women trying to gain the rights they deserved after many years. Running a country and keeping it sane is an ongoing process in which everyone has to work together to achieve a successful country.
Many people believe that some of the founding fathers are unworthy of attention because their beliefs are quite contradictory. A major example is Thomas Jefferson and his views on freedom. Since he was the leading originator of the Declaration of Independence he often spoke out against slavery. In his Argument in the case of Howell v. Netherland in 1770 he wrote, "Under the law of nature all men are born free,
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One of the most crucial passages that were omitted in the final draft was about the foundation of the colonist’s economy: focused on slavery and how the African-Americans were treated. Many high-powered politicians were divided on the topic; some believed that the plantation system couldn’t survive without a cheap source of labor, but others realized how their newly written proclamation focused on liberty and freedom for all mankind. Jefferson included a passage in his Declaration that would make slavery impossible in America under the new changes. The hypocritical nature of Thomas Jefferson reflects the attitude of the colonists during the Revolutionary War period, while many saw that slavery violated the human rights that they were aiming to fight for, they could not continue to be economically successful without slavery, so they chose to omit a passage in the Declaration that challenged
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