The Pros And Cons Of The Democratic System

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America was built on the Democratic system. It has been this way from the beginning of our history, and will most likely stay the same forever. However, some people have been questioning if our Democratic system is actually working as it was intended to. Like all forms of government, democracy has its flaws, however, in the end, it is strong and working.
While we may not all realize it, democracy is working in its current state. It is designed so that all people have equal say on who will run our country. This is because people choose who is elected, and voting numbers has only gone up. In the article “Democracy is working”, it is stated that “They are paying attention to the issues and voting for candidates”. (Barnhart online.) This shows that instead of randomly choosing a name and voting, people are putting thought into their decision and properly voting. Recently, people have been voting in record numbers. Barnhart states “a record number of people voting in the primaries-every state 's primary actually mattered.” (Barnhart online.) Without people
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If no one cared about who was elected, or who won, our country would not be where it is today. Even though people will want their candidate to win, they will also accept defeat. Caroline Gilpin notes “the country could move forward with the peaceful change of power.” (Gilpin online.) If we look closely when the quotation say “peaceful change of power”, we can clearly see that people are willing to accept defeat and peaceful at that. Another important part of democracy is voting. However, if we do not register, we can not vote. Barnhart states that “People are registering to vote… They are actually casting that vote, too.” (Barnhart online.) As we can see, people care about democracy as they are willing to take the time to register to vote and then cast their vote. In the end, we can see that people care for democracy and actually care for
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