The Pros And Cons Of The Designer Baby

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The big question is, should parents be permitted to select certain physical traits for their unborn fetus? The simple answer to this is no, but everyone has their own opinion on this debate. Yes, there are good things that come out of the “designing” your baby but is it really a moral thing to be doing, after all the fetus is a human being. To have your designer baby the doctors who help accomplish this task perform genetic engineering and that is a scary thought. It has its positive sides, such as being able to prevent diseases, but overall genetic engineering to have your designer baby has unknown health risk and unseen consequences, and apart from that it is not following the natural law that God himself made. You can think that the…show more content…
Humans can never fully be able to successfully modify or prevent diseases in a human because "For example, diabetes, heart disease, or certain types of cancer -- are linked to several or even many genes, can't be predicted with any certainty, and depend also on environmental factors such as diets"(Ball). The human body is complicated, every part of the body relies on another, "The human genome is 3.2 billion letters, and in the wrong place a single typo -- a dozen or so misplaced atoms -- can create misery"(Peterson). To be messing around with the nature of anything is risky because one never knows the consequences or the possibility of the negative outcomes. We should not try to change who people are born to be because there are amazing people out there born with disabilities and who would want to change a person who is unique and beautiful in their own special way. A big example is when a Crispr engineer, "Ms. Doudna once revealed she had a son with Down syndrome. 'She said, 'I just want you to know that he's perfect just the way he is'...Even if Crispr could have fixed that genetic defect, the woman said she wouldn't change it" (Peterson). The Crispr machine was created and its purpose was to
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