The Pros And Cons Of The Drug War

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Many people have struggled for years with being addicted to drugs and have been sent to jail for it rather than getting treatment. There’s also been lots of violence because of the drug trafficking, which has been a worry some issue in some countries. Despite all that, there has been evidence for a change. The Global Community can win the Drug War because with a new approach and a few modifications, we can stop the chaos and help those in need. One thing that could possibly help is that if they made drugs legal, we could easily help stop most of the issues between individuals. Everyday, people are sent to jail rather than being supported to get treatment. UNODC acknowledges the idea of being sent to treatment rather than jail, which is starting to become a mainstream heath care issue (167). People who consume these drugs on the daily basis could take notice in what they 're doing which makes them realize that it 's leading them in the wrong direction. If we could make this happen, the number of people being sent to jail can decrease. People who actually need the help are mistaken for criminals on a daily basis. "Medical professionals can and do treat addicts as patients, not as criminals, with far greater success and with far less damage to the rest of society than vanquishing these hapless souls in a brutal and expensive war" (Geers, 3). If drugs were legal, no one would think you 're a criminal and they 'd still treat you with the same respect. Not a large
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