The Pros And Cons Of The Dumbest Generation

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Dumb is defined as not being able to read or write. In every generation there are changes among each generation after another to a certain extent. In today’s generation it is solely based on the uprising of complex technology being used. Past generations have only heard of writing handwritten letters by mail or only having a telephone to communicate. Now today it is about text messaging, cellular phones, emails, and etc. There is an ongoing debate to whether this new form of technology is positive or negative to the under thirty generation. In the book “The Dumbest Generation”, Mark Bauerlein claims the under thirty generation is the “dumbest” generation to be known. The under thirty generation is not the “dumbest” generation because they are able to process information in a different creative form, engage in technological games to sharpen their minds, and use advanced technology…show more content…
This generation no longer have to keep remembering every single material they are learning. Or have to go back to the library and spend hours to find the book they used for an assignment. As Kosil and Marcel say, “We are gradually changing from a nation of callused hands to a nation of agile brains … Insofar as new information technology exercises our minds and provides more information, it has to be improving thinking ability” (Source B). This shows people have technology right between their finger tips which enables them to think beyond just the facts. It is no longer only sticking to the facts. As a result people are allowing their brains to form another of thinking in a more broader way. People are applying their knowledge which they gathered from a variety of technological sources to convey a concept in their thinking
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