The Pros And Cons Of CO2 Emission

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There is currently over 7 billion people living on the Earth and the population continues to grow. As the population continues to grow so does the need for transportation such as automobiles, which sold about 250 million units over the past 4 years. With that many vehicles out on the streets, tailpipe emissions increase drastically. This causes an increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere, climate change around the world, and ultimately global warming. Although not all of CO2 emissions come from automobiles but 51%; which if it is eliminated completely could save the world another billion years or so. Many car manufacturers tried to approach this issue by creating a modern version of the electric car which exposes zero tailpipe emissions in the atmosphere. The earliest was the General Motors EV1 which has started a trend with other manufacturers to start producing EV versions of already existing cars. Unfortunately this new trend has come to an end after GM stopped producing the EV1 in 1999. In 2003 Toyota reintroduced the Prius. It’s a mid-sized hybrid that uses both gasoline and electricity to give an approximate 50 mpg output. However no matter how great this car is for the environment, it doesn’t get the attention of the consumer like combustion engine ran vehicles. Hybrids had this…show more content…
However due to levels of scarcity it is causing the prices of oil to go up. Since oil is such a necessity consumer will still buy it. So, because the world is running out of oil. As the price of oil increases because of the limited supply, more people will buy electric cars (What Will Happen After Peak Oil?, 2013) People are also concerned about issues with the environment and global warming, so this would surely draw more attention to the fact that if everyone drove an electric car then the Earth wouldn’t be in such a critical

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