The Pros And Cons Of The Entertainment Industry

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Social media, blogs, news, and publicity. These are some things brought to many people by technology that helps everyone in building the inner self and creates each own explicit imagination of the future, it is perfect, some says, this constructs self-confidence to each of everyone that helps in engaging in the endeavors and challenges that we most are facing or might face. It connects the people to the love ones and builds stronger relationship to the community of might as well the country. But on the other hand entertainment industry can also shatter a dream of an innocent human being, it becomes a nightmare that hunts the person’s life for the rest of the life time, it can endanger each and every one’s lives and ruin friendship to each other which causes the destruction of the bonds the people made and starts the unending wars in the society. According to InfoGraphic, since 2002, the number of internet users has increased to 2.3 billion of users worldwide. The internet allowed everyone to connect virtually with anyone and has given the public to access unlimited of information. World Wide Web -- created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist and finished studies at Oxford University and later work at CERN as a software engineer. Last March 1989, Mr. Lee’s planned, “Information…show more content…
The World Wide Web gives big chances to individuals to let their talents out in the world. The web also helps the citizens to be updated to the happenings on every country present in this world; it gives everyone a little accurate news that everyone can use it in our life and this serve as a basis to get a connection with the entertainment industries and to the other industries present. It enlightens the World and gives meaning a human
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