The Pros And Cons Of The European Union

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The European Union has become a relevant actor globally, especially through its trade and monetary policy. The fact that the EU is the first economic power in the world shows that the EU, when there is political will on the part of all Member States, may act as a superpower. But Europe still has an unresolved matter: EU needs to speak with one voice abroad.

Why not the European Union does has the same role on the international stage? Basically because there are as many external policies as States have the Union: there is no a single foreign policy. The EU doesn 't show a good image when we see how states show opposite positions. The European Union could not speak with one voice in the Yugoslav Wars from 1991 by divergences between French, British and Germans, being the US role fundamental. Eighteen states of the EU to 25 supported the US intervention in Iraq in 2003 (including the UK, Spain, Italy and Poland), compared to a Franco-German axis that was positioned against. The declaration of independence of Kosovo was not recognized by five Member States (Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Romania), compared to the recognition of other states of the Union and the United States. Nor the states coincided on the admission of Palestine to the UN as an observer state. Clearly there are many visions of foreign policy within the EU and Member States.

Regarding the historical backgrounds, we have to say that in the years before the entry into force of the TEU, cooperation between Member

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