The Pros And Cons Of The Federal Government

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Since the foundation of this country its people have identified more with their State and local government than the Federal Government. The Federal Government is look upon with suspicion and distrust. When the Constitution of the United States was written, the Founding Fathers were very careful to create a government that will not dominate and obliviate the local governments. The Revolutionary War was indeed a Civil War fought against a tyrannical centralized government. The founders of this country wanted to be sure that this tyranny was not present in the laws and functions of this new nation. Even though there is no “federalism” named in the US Constitution; federalism was the government system that created this nation. It was the creation of a federal government overseeing politically independent states that has made the government of the United States so unique. Federalism is “the division of powers and responsibilities between the national and state governments” (Fallon Jr, p. 961) The Constitution of the United States includes many provisions with the powers and responsibilities of the federal and the state governments. These provisions underlaying the division of responsibilities between the national and state government. Amendments to the relation between states and the federal government were necessary after the Civil War; “the Constitution’s various federalisms-related provisions fit together and of the worthy purposes that the overall package of such
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