The Pros And Cons Of The Film Budget

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Every summer it feels as if the same thing happens: Studio's wait until May to start releasing these huge films that normally would be ignored unless it was released in during the summer months. When you normally get in January - April are small budget films that do okay, but don't bring in the hundreds of millions needed to cover that astronomical budgets needed to cover the summer movie budgets. However, that starts to be changing.

Those cheap B-movies about a family in a haunted house used to be reserved for the dead months. Now, they are being released during the summer because people might just be getting sick of the bloated films they're used to seeing. Those cheap horror movies are indeed bad, but maybe they're better than seeing more 2-hour plot setups until the last 30 minutes of pure action. Right?

Just look at a list of movies expected to be huge this summer (gross subject to day posted):

Warcraft -- Made $46 million on a budget of $160 million

The Legend of Tarzan -- Has made $60 million on a budget of $180 million

The BFG -- $31 million on a budget of $140 million

Independence Day: Resurgence (Our Review) -- $83 million on a budget of $165 million

Batman v
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Most movies with ballooning budgets in summer films are because the talent wants to insane amount of money. He only one I can justice is Will Smith for the Independence Day sequel, but his star is fading, and he apparently wanted over $50 million to come back. Sorry, man. After Earth got you a significant pay cut.

Have there been huge movies this summer already? Well, of course there have. Most summers are filmed with the usual Pixar films that get hue crowds because A) They look good. B) They well-written C) They bring in the whole family. Zootopia was amazing. Finding Dory was a great sequel. Animated films that actually seem to have creativity injected into them will be recognized by
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