The Pros And Cons Of The French Language

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In 1977, a declaration was made, one that had a major impact on how a child would be educated in the Quebec province. The previous was introduced as the Quebec’s Charter of the French Language which is also known as Bill 101. Nevertheless, students have been forced to attend the public schools in the Quebec French school district during their primary and secondary level all the while restricting access to the English public-school system. For the past few years, there have been arguments about stretching this Law to the CEGEP level but doing so will have more negatives outcomes than positives. This will be demonstrated by focusing on the roots of the history behind this rule, meaning the objectives and demonstrate whether they have been met or not, to show that expanding the law through the CEGEP level will be an impediment to society. Furthermore, it is clear that the Conquest of 1760 made a big impact in Canada history when Britain acquired pieces of New France at the end of Seven years of War and because of the Royal proclamation in 1763, Quebec colony was created and it presented the French language. Therefore, the charter of the French language was first introduced by the first Parti Quebecois government which was back then lead by Premier René Lévesque (Kelly, 2014, para 2). According to the Montreal Gazette, it was after the Quiet Revolution in the 1960s that the language in the province became the center of attention. In fact, as written in the article about conflict
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