The Importance Of Monitoring The Internet

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"The twenty first century has been perhaps the most influential century thus far for humanity, do to one reason; the internet. When the internet first started becoming commercial and widespread in the 1990's, no one quite knew how much of an impact it would actually have. Even though the internet has been an undeniably positive force on mankind, it has also brought with it a dark fervor in which the underbelly of human interaction is exposed. Due to ""perceived"" anonymity on the web, many people will write, comment, and say things, that they would usually not in the real world. Not only has the spread of bullying on the internet grown at an exponential rate, but a much more prevalent problem has also grown with the internet; crime and terrorism. Weeks after the Twin Towers were attacked, the US government instituted a bill known as ""The PATRIOT Act,"" this main focus of this bill was to stop events, such as 9/11, from ever happening again. This bill…show more content…
Whether it's through a smartphone, computer, Twitter, Facebook, or email. Because the internet is such a pivotal tool in everyday life, that is why the looming question of to what extent the government should have over monitoring the internet is so important. The legality of content monitoring is still in the works and the government has not yet finished regulating how much reach such monitoring programs have on the American people. It also appears that even with practically unlimited resources provided by the US government, the NSA surveillance program played a small roll in actually catching terrorist and criminals. Even though government monitoring has potential to be useful, but it falls short in that it doesn't necessarily work and has is very easy to abuse. Certainly the government should have some insight into its people's internet habits but not as invasive as pre-Snowden era surveillance
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