The Pros And Cons Of The Internet On Society

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Is the Internet making our life better or worse? This is a question that people have always been asking. The Internet has brought convenience to our society, but also some problems. Two recent articles have showed opposite opinions on the Internet. According to the first article that favors the Internet, the Internet has brought our society a lot of convenience. The Internet allows us to find information very quickly. In the old way of finding information, which is normally books, people may have to check through vast number of books and takes time to read them just to find a small piece of information. In the Internet, you can just type in the key words and the answer will pop up. The Internet also makes communication much easier through email or other social media. Before the Internet exist, people can only communicate with each other by phones, talk face to face, or mail. The Internet allows people to send files and documents of information to places far away, which create convenience for working and studying. After the update of Web 2.0, the language that was used to make web page was simplified so that everyone can understand and use more easily. Since then people can create their own web page, blog, or upload pictures and videos online.…show more content…
Social sites, a creation of the Internet had brought us great convenience, but also brought a lot of problems. One of them is cyber bullying. Now that everyone can post almost everything about them self or comment on other, bullies can attack the victim wantonly and without any worry of being punished because no one knows who they are. In “ordinary” bullying, the victim may just move away and there will not be any problem. However, in cyber bullying, moving away doesn’t do anything and even if the site is replaced with a new one, the bullies can find it in seconds. There are already suicides caused by cyber
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