The Pros And Cons Of The Iphone

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The iPhone was invented over ten-years ago, and it was one of the greatest invention in the past few decades. And ever since the iPhone was invented newer and faster smart phones come out every single year, but when do we finally give up on the physical device such as the iPhone and actually make an Eye Phone. Imagine a little contact that you could just put in your eye that has all the controls of a smart phone plus more. This phone that is just as small as an eye contact would finally make the constant struggle of losing your phone disappear and it would also provide a video camera that would always be accessible to record anything. So, this phone wouldn’t just always be on you, it would also help with finding out other things in your life by always have recordings to look back on, and see where you might of missed placed something or miss seen. This would also help reduce crime by making it easier to find criminals because they would have a good description of what the person committing a crime looks like. This is a new idea but also, I feel like one that technology companies will be starting to make soon. A similar product has already been produced and is already on the market today. If you have ever heard of an invention by google named “Google Glasses” this invention which came out about five years ago was the start of a new idea, even though the idea from Google…show more content…
With this kind of invention being brand new and an exciting idea to consumers it would be expensive when it first hits the market. However, with this idea it would make smartphones obsolete, so people would not be spending a thousand dollars on a new smartphone every year and instead would save up and buy this product, which would instantly not just make it the hottest product on the market, but also would create a lot of revenue for more research and would make the product faster, cheaper and less expensive for years to
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