Pros And Cons Of The Kakamega Forest

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A commons or CPR is an area or object that is open and available to all; however, it is subject to a concept known as subtractability. Subtractability is when a person gains a certain amount by using the commons but only suffers a fraction, which is equally shared by each member who uses the commons. Therefore, it is in each persons benefit to use as many resources as possible so they may gain a lot while suffering only a little. The issue then becomes, as many people take as much as possible from the commons, the commons itself becomes degraded and eventually, useless. Thus the people who relied on the commons now have nothing left (Hardin 4). One such commons that is highly endangered today is the Kakamega Forest in Kenya. The Kakamega is…show more content…
2004; Mitchell 2014)… Consequently, poor families who live near the Kakamega Forest are left with no option but to harvest forest products to supplement their income. These products include fuel wood, charcoal, building materials, fruits, mushrooms, traditional medicinal plants, bush meat, grazing, and timber for making furniture (Kiplagat et al. 2008)” (Kefa et al…show more content…
Evidence suggests that the local people care about conserving the forest. In a poll it was shown that 94% of participants believe that conservation of the forest is important (Guthiga and Mburu 22-23). Guthiga and Mburu believe that the people are glad that the KWS is conserving the forest, but the locals would like to also share the benefits with the KWS (23). Thus, if the people were able to run programs like the KEEP’s tree nurseries and eco-tours, they would be gaining the benefits, which would also detract from the massive poverty issue in the area. Both of these benefits would promote conservation by the

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