The Pros And Cons Of The LGBT Community

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Homosexuality has been observed in humans and animals for a long time. Before America was ‘found’ by Christopher Columbus, native tribes lived on those lands, and they had respected duties for those who would now fall under the labels ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’, and ‘confused’. In Latin America, transgendered and homosexual individuals were common, before the Spanish conquerors came upon their lands and attempted to remove sodomy and those who practiced it by creating harsh penalties. Individuals were torn to pieces by dogs, or set ablaze, or publicly executed. Although these punishments are viewed to be barbaric in this modern day and age, do not be deluded in the thought that individuals who are part of the LGBT community have been freed from oppression and harsh punishments. Even now, Americans part of the LGBT community are facing challenges like defending their rights as parents, or simply members of society, gay-to-straight conversion therapy, and scathing barbs from harsh members of society. One of the challenges faced by the LGBT community is defending their rights as parents, or proper members of society. In a survey done in 2013, by the UCLA School of Law, it was proven that same-sex couples generally earn more median household income than couples of different sexes. This shows that same-sex couples are as, or more, financially stable when compared to heterosexual couples. The same survey also showed that married same-sex couples had higher median household

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