The Pros And Cons Of The Lobbyism

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• Who are the Lobbyist? Lobbyist are always been know as the “pressure groups”,they can be an individual or even a group that has interest on the subject discussed.
The lobbyist will always try to influence on their side the final decisions of the government.
Even though they still fight for the laws that are beneficial for the society they are still quoted every time as “Ravenous” and “Cynical”.
• Introduction Alcohol has ancient origins and, certainly, for many years it was considered neither a danger to the individual or to the society. Even now the problem of alcoholism is partly underestimated, as the company’s considers most dangerous spread of drug addiction. In some countries the use of alcohol has a meaning almost ritual:
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TAG also classifies alcohol as a way to have fun at a social level

For example going to the bar with friends to have a drink or even to celebrate the end of the year.
Tag also states that many studies have confirmed that some alcohol can give good advantages to our body functions such as drinking a glass of red wine in the eveningwill help the cardiovascular functions.
TAG wants to demonstrate that the extreme lconsumptions of alcohol brings bad situations such as a high consumption of alcohol can cause health problems or also at the social level accidents or fights.
Moreover, TAG tries to show that alcohol can have a positive impact on a social level, but only if it is consumed on a moderate level not daily as if it was water.
TAG also recommends five changes that should be considered in the policies of alcohol such as: the alcohol policy should pay more attention to the consumption of alcohol made by minors.
As the Executive states Helmut Wagner :” the harm done by alcohol and not necessarily the level of consumption that needs to be looked at and to be
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TAG not only defends the interests of industry in the European Union but also produces and publishes scientific research on the problems caused by alcohol,it also organizes conferences on issues where scientific epidemiologists, politicians and social workers are invited to discuss in various debates.

Alcohol Taxation

TAG believes that increasing the tax on alcohol would not be a good thing on the socio-economic aspects and as a new policy.
Moreover TAG has always tried to show that the use of alcohol in moderate levels might be beneficial to our health such as the red wine.
If the tax goes up it would not give advantage to those consumers that only consume alcohol for beneficial factors.

3/ alcohol advertising. TAG didn’t do much to advocate the advertising situation,they believe that the growth of alcohol consumption it is not linked to the advertising cmpaigns used by the alcohol companies compared to Eurocare that tries their best to discourage alcohol advertisements that target vulnerable groups such as children.

4/ countermeasures against drinking and
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