The Pros And Cons Of The Malaysian Culture

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Policies and controversies The Malaysian government has identified the Malaysian culture through the issuance of "1971 National Culture Policy." It identifies the three principles as guidelines for Malaysian culture: it is based on indigenous cultures; if it were judged on elements of other cultures appropriate and reasonable that they can be regarded as the Malaysian culture. And that Islam would be an important part of the national culture. There are some cultural differences between Malaysia and neighboring Indonesia. The two countries share a similar cultural heritage, sharing many of the traditions and elements. However, disagreements over things ranging from culinary dishes to Malaysia 's national anthem has arisen. The strong feelings exist in Indonesia on the protection of the national heritage of the country (Schonhardt, 2009). The rivalry between the two countries began during the Konfrontasi after Malaysia 's independence, when Indonesia and Malaysia were almost in a state of war. Building resentment since then along with the economic success of Malaysia means these feelings are still strong in Indonesia today (Belford, Aubrey, 2009). The Malaysian government and the Indonesian government have…show more content…
Since the period of Islamization, Arts and Tourism Ministry focused on the latest dances Portuguese, the Middle East, or the Mongol origin. Malay traditional dances include joget melayu and zapin. In recent years, dikir bars has grown in popularity, and is actively promoted by the state as a cultural icon. Silat is a Malay martial arts and dance form, believed to increase the spiritual power of the people. The Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet theater) has been popular in Malaysia for centuries(Miller; Terry; Williams; Sean, 2008). The puppets are usually made with cow and buffalo leather, carved and hand painted. Plays done with his shadow puppets are often based on traditional stories (Salleh; Muhammad, 2008), specifically Tales of the Ramayana and

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