The Pros And Cons Of The Mars One Mission

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“Is this for real?” asked Alison Rigby, a 33-year-old prospective candidate of the interplanetary mission to colonize Mars, known as the Mars One mission. What can anyone possibly reply other than this if one is acquainted with such a controversial project? It is indeed thrilling, or perhaps alarming, that there are genuine intentions and even concrete plans to send people to the red planet. The good old curiosity might have prompted mankind, but with the level of technology, the amount of funding, and the degree of knowledge and experience these Earthlings, who are operating the Mars One mission, currently possess about Mars, the Mars One space rocket for the manned space voyage in 2026 might just become an enormous metallic flying tomb carrying human beings to a vast crimson Martian graveyard these humans are bound for in its anticipated landing in 2027.…show more content…
According to a poster released by NASA, a day in Mars lasts 24 hours and 40 minutes, which is relatively similar with the 24-hour day in Earth. Additionally, the tilt of Mars’ axis is 25 degrees which is indeed close to Earth’s 23.5 degrees (National, “Mars”). Though these may seem agreeable conditions that give a slight hint that Mars could be a probable habitat for humans, there is one more thing that strengthens the confidence of many scientists that Mars may indeed harbor
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