Essay On Meritocratic Reward Republic

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One of the biggest problem of every country or society is that most of the rulers cares only about themselves or even though they act for the community people are unsatisfied with the results. This situation can happen because of minority government, corruption, self interest but the result is the same, what has been said during the elections by politicians has not become reality because of one or more of these accidents. Of course, as the actions of a general influence the entire army in the same way people are conditioned by their politicians ' choices and people are not happy to work for a country that does not improve or even worse does not recognize their importance as workers and contributors. What is the point of paying taxes and work hard if the state does not give something in return…show more content…
The ideal should be a meritocracy where hard work and innovation is rewarded in order to combine personal interest with the interest of the society, in other words if we want to earn more money or a better condition we have first to work to improve the one of the others by our work. The other system that inspired me was democracy and how to improve it because unfortunately we can 't all rule so we have to elect our representants but the critical point is how to avoid that when they reach what they desire, in this case political power, they separate themselves from their election program for which they were voted. I do not consider bad in themselves the benefits that a politician receive but in how they are used so the deal should be extra wealth in exchange of more control from the people, the fundamental goal is act to improve the

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