The Pros And Cons Of The Mexican War

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The war between Mexico and America from 1846 to 1848 had raised many controversial opinions, both approve and disapprove. Followings are some of the arguments made by supporters of this war as well as the opponents. First of all is Albert Gallatin, who was strongly against this Mexican War. Gallatin was born in January 1761 and died in August 1849. He was a Swiss-American politician, diplomat, ethnologist and linguist. He was an important leader of the Democratic-Republican Party, serving in various federal elective and appointed positions across four decades. One year after the Mexican war broke out, Gallatin wrote the book “The Peace with Mexico” in effort to promote peace during the Mexican American war in 1847. The article “The Unjust War with Mexico” is a part of this book, in which he pointed out why we shouldn’t have this war.
Basically, Gallatin used morality and virtue as a foundation to convince people to not have this war. He argued that the war with Mexico would be immoral and scandalous: “Nothing can be more injurious to it, more lamentable, more scandalous, than the war between two adjacent republics of North America.” (Gallatin).
He explained that the people of the United States are already better and luckier than people in other nations in many ways. They are living at the country that has the most extensive territory, the soil is fertile, the climates are diverse which help produce variety of productions, and benefits many potential industries. As a

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