Gen Zers Argumentative Analysis

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For previous generations, the Millennials or who they call, “Gen Zers” seem to project the most attention. This group that was born in a particular time, has had a remarkable impact on today’s society. The majority of individuals carry infinite opinions on how they perceive Millennials. Previous generations believe that we no longer visualize for ourselves, instead we rely greatly on technology for all our answers. Whereas this newer generation has actually taken the use of technology to another level, using their combined intelligence with their determination has them seeking ways to make this world a better place; and will not stop till they do so. The newer generations are at a disadvantage because they rely too heavily on technology to solve everyday problems. According to Bruce Tulgan, technology has crippled the Millennials and will cause problems now and in the future. One situation where the Millennials are at a disadvantage is when, “they become adult…show more content…
(Tulgan1) This generation is used to having powerful and easy to use technology at their fingertips day in and day out, when it comes to working in the real world they might not have access to these resources and will struggle tremendously. Tulgan concludes that the reasons why they may struggle is evidently because, “They don’t puzzle through the problem [….] reflect on why the solution is the right solution.” Although, technology has become a big part of everyday life for Millennials this is not such a bad thing because the information gained from having this outstanding resource can provide many great benefits. Technology exposes Millennials to different ideas and ways of thinking, they are no longer limited to the beliefs of the people around them. They are opened up to the way others think through the internet allowing them to choose what they want to believe in. However, technology not only puts Millennials ahead, but it
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