Morning After Pill Persuasive Speech

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Accidents can happen. You may have had unprotected sex with your partner or you were forced to have sex. According to Statista, 2005, people from around the world have been asked whether they have had unprotected sex without knowing their partner’s sexual history. 73% of the respondents in Norway responded that they have had sex with someone without fully knowing their sexual background. Having unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you had unprotected sex with someone and you do not want to be pregnant, the morning after pill can help you. The morning after pill helps prevent pregnancy. However, the pill is not the same as the abortion pill. It does not end an existing pregnancy, instead, it prevents…show more content…
The reason why we need morning after pill is because of unprotected sex and unwanted sex, and unwanted sex means rape. People believe that the number of rape cases will increase, since Plan B One-Step is an easily accessible pill and the women can prevent pregnancy from it, meaning that the person who raped her will not have to take any responsibility afterwards. The pill can also negatively impact us by being looked upon as a ‘safety net’. After having unprotected sex, woman will think that the morning after pill can solve everything. Yes, it does, but it largely harm their bodies in a lot of ways after taking it a couple of times. ‘Each time I took it I felt sick and had a really heavy, unusual period afterwards. I dread to think how much harm I might have done taking it so often. It can’t be good for your body, and if you take it a lot I think it might even damage your fertility.’ Bee Simoes, a 22-year-old from South-East London said. Simoes have taken the morning pill for three times. She said her generation is relying too much on the morning after pill and it is like a safety net. She thinks that the current generation have put so much pressure on her by being sexually active. Therefore, these are the social impacts of the morning after…show more content…
Therefore, people use the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy. The pill helps by temporarily stopping ovulation or slowing down the process of the egg and the sperm from meeting each other. You may experience a few minor side effects, such as nausea, headache, breast tenderness etc. The morning after pill also has social impacts in this society, as it prevents young teenagers from being a parent but also being used as a safety net. Even though the morning after pill is effective, you should think twice before having sex with someone whom you barely know what their sexual background
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