National Security Agency Pros And Cons

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NSA: a scandal and a debate National Security Agency (NSA) is an organisation formed in November of 1952 by the United States of America in order to gather intelligence about the enemies of the state and their “capabilities,” ensure the ability of the government of the United States of America to communicate without risking a breach, in addition, to protect the United States from cyberspace attacks [1]. The NSA claims that it operates under a number of values such as respecting the law and constitution of the United States as well as being transparent “to the fullest extent possible” [2]. Despite These claims by the NSA, in the last few years, there has been some accusations by a former NSA contractor named Edward Snowden. These accusations…show more content…
People who support the NSA in their quest to access private information argue that nothing should stand against security, even privacy, especially when the lives of innocent human beings is at stake. Their argument extends to saying that without security, a country’s development is crippled; consequently, the National Security Agency should take whatever measures it deems necessary in order to ensure that the homeland of the United States of America is safe and secure. Those who root for the NSA, support their argument of the strong claim by Obama in response to Edward Snowden ¬ “We know of at least 50 threats that have been averted because of this, information not just in the United States, but, in some cases, threats here in Germany,” President Obama, Berlin June 2013, assuring the effectiveness of NSA methods [7]. One NSA biased website…show more content…
Although the NSA can also successfully catch terrorists by accessing private data, using only investigators will protect the privacy of the citizens of the United States from being violated, cost the government less money and let people feel more secure without having the feeling of being watched. Moreover, opposers argue that it is too difficult to process the enormous amount of information that the NSA accesses every day, so it is not reasonable to assume that this information actually helps prevent attacks in action. In addition, even when the NSA finally detects a suspicious act, it would still not be easy to catch an actual crime, as there are so many behaviours and situations that could solicit attention that the investigators can not decide which one requires investigators in the field. And that is the reason why the NSA falsely detained innocent citizens with wrong accusations. Some also believe that spying on other nations has caused tensions between the US and many countries around the world. Thus, they believe the NSA should acquire a license to get private data which should be approved by the citizens of US and the citizens of other nations. Otherwise, it is considered

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