The Pros And Cons Of The New Deal

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Great economic growth through thriving businesses and investments in stocks made with trust in the 1920’s was familiarized as the “Roaring Twenties”. The economy went on a spiralling downfall in 1929 when the stock market crashed which triggered the Great Depression. With the economy at an all time low, the employment rate dropped immensely as well as the wages. As a result, people lost their homes which forced them to live on the streets. The demand for the government to take action and provide relief was high. President Roosevelt in response pushed program after program in effort to provide economic relief and recovery, this was known as the New Deal.
A better society and guidance for the country was promised by President Roosevelt after the Great Depression era. The New Deal along with numerous programs were constructed in order to ease the effects of this adversity. A series of reforms, federal programs, and work projects for the people created by the government with the goal to end the Great Depression is known as the New Deal. There were two opposing sides with different thoughts of this program; some people thought that it was successful while others believed it was ineffective. The New Deal was necessary but it was unsuccessful due to the unemployment rate, high prices associated with farming, and the failure to provide for citizens.
One reason why the New Deal was unsuccessful is due to the failure to employ millions without a job while raising the price of
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